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How to order:

We take orders twice a year: Mother's Day and Christmas.

The family portraits are completely customized to your family, which means that the process involves lots of questions from me and lots of answers from you. First, I require that you send pictures of each family member and pet (which we all know are family too) that will be in the portrait. The pictures are really just used for the hair, so please send good hair pics. It can be one picture of everyone or several pictures. Then answer the following questions and send to our email address

1. How many people and pets will be in the portrait?

2. List people from tallest to shortest. This does not mean that they will be in that order, but it helps me place your family in the best way.

3. Please list a hair color for each family member. Keep in mind that I only have solid colors to choose from so ombré hair or highlights will not be pictured. The choices are black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, red, or grey. If the person is "greying" it's always better to go with the colored hair. We definitely don't want to offend Uncle Buddy with the salt and pepper hair.

4. If you want a man to have facial hair, please tell me specifically. Sometimes it's hard to tell from pictures, and I don't want to mistake a five o' clock shadow for a permanent beard.

5. Are there certain colors or themes you want in the portrait? For example: MSU themed, wedding themed, my living room is decorated in mustard yellow and red and I want those colors used... You get the picture.

6. Any colors that you don't want used?

7. What title would you like? The simpler the better. A good go-to is always the last name, but some other good options are "Mawmaw and Pop", "Blessed", or "Hotty Toddy", but I will most certainly put anything you want.

8. Do you want me to leave room for future family members? It's fine if you aren't finished with your family, we can add them later!

9. I put all the men in a solid color shirt and jeans, and all the women in a dress unless otherwise told. Please tell me if you want them to wear something specific. I would be glad to put them in that, but after a certain point in the process I can't change clothes.

10. The background is a standard grey patterned fabric. Let me know before I start if you want something different.

11. If there are pets in the portrait, please tell me their gender. They get a collar, and I try to make it the right color.

I will send a proof of the design before everything is sewn down. At that point we can change some things like clothes or hair, but there are some things cannot be changed like the background color.

Prices are based on the number or people or pets in the portrait. 1 person: $20, 2 people: $40, 3 people: $60, 4 people: $80, 5 people: $100, 6 people $120, 7 people $140, 8 people $160, each additional person + $15. Frames are not included in the price.

You will either need to purchase below or I will need your email address to send an invoice for payment. Payment has to be received first before I start the portrait. I will also need a shipping address if you need this shipped. Shipping is an additional $8.

Whew... Lots of things to work out, but it's always better to go overboard with details up front. I can't wait to get started on your precious family portrait!


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