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While I was in college, I made plans to own a small business in my retirement. That is, own a business after a very long enjoyable career in education. After graduating from Mississippi State University, I taught for seven days. Just seven. Very. Long. Days. I didn't take me long to realize that teaching for the next thirty years wasn't anywhere near God's plan for me. So to make ends meet, I worked at a bank's call center for a little over a year. In that five by five cubicle with the phones ringing and while simultaneously telling people their checking account balances, The Chester Drawer was dreamed and planned. In April of 2013 after making about $400 at a local festival with crafts that I had made, I left the bank to pursue this business full time. I had nothing but a fresh tax ID number and lots and lots of ideas. Why in the world my husband agreed to this crazy plan, I will never know. We have learned and grown and improved so much in the last six years. It is truly a joy to be able to share our goods with people like you. I want the items we make to bring a feeling out of person holding it. Laughter. Inspiration. Loyalty. We truly appreciate each of our customers more than you could imagine!

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